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An introduction to tomorrow's business

Care to Change the World



EUSL Core is contrary to what the name does not suggest the core of the European Social Label. Instead, it is a factory that metaphorically produces lighthouses. Historically, a lighthouse has been a tall building that emits a light to guide sailors on a dangerous sea route. For the European Social Label, it is about showing the way forward for how other companies in the same industries should be able to work in a profitable way for a better society, for better diversity and more inclusion. As the main headline reads, EUSL Core and its activities are an introduction to tomorrow's business!



EUSL Core is one of four divisions under the European Social Label. The others are the EUSL Group which is the real engine, EUSL Sweden which is the Swedish member organization and the ECSR Group which works towards retailers and wholesalers and in a business-like way brings together the private and the idea-driven sector. 


The factory and the business

EUSL Core is our factory that creates at least one company in a specific industry. The purpose here is to produce a value-driven business that goes a little better than the very best and in this way can demonstrate that people in exclusion are not a burden on society. Instead, our businesses should pick up shares from competitors by customers preferring our businesses because of the values and social work that is performed daily in the workplace and in society. 


Together towards the future

EUSL Core, together with other divisions within the European Social Label, not only aims to create a more equal society. Here we are talking about laying the foundation for a completely new ecosystem. The aim is to create a model in which certain parts of important societal issues that have hitherto been tax-financed can to a greater extent be financed by small and medium-sized companies. The effect is that the authorities that we can facilitate for instead get more space to work with their main issues and better help the individuals for whom their mission is created. The model and ecosystem we are working towards is a win-win for all parties, here defined to municipalities, authorities and regions as a party, the private sector as a party and the private individual as a third party.